About US

Many of us have similar experiences, particularly in South East Asia. We always enjoyed cooking and food has been a fundamental part of our family with deep Chinese roots. My mom, who has always been passionate about Thai cuisine opened her first restaurant in 1962. I probably inherit this passion for culinary tradition, delicious Thai dishes, and the love for food pointed me to the current road. Regarding specific products like fermented fish,
we simply couldn’t find
the quality we wanted
so we started frying up homemade fermented fish, crispy fermented fish paste and crispy seasoned shallots.

Friends liked it very much and asked for more. That was the moment we started!

Moving from restaurant businesses to manufacturing wasn’t easy. Passing the baton from one generation to the next generation has never been easy, too. We believe that the most important thing for every generation is the acceptance that life and business is constantly transforming. Nowadays, it is changing at a pace never seen before. But this also represents an opportunity since consumers and particularly younger customers demand high quality food produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
We truly produce premium quality

Without MSG, Preservatives, Artificial Colors Or Flavors

and we’re constantly expand our product range. We always appreciate customer feedback, because it helps us to develop new products that match the changing lifestyle and taste of our customers.