The Benefits of Shallots & Garlic

Shallots and particularly Thai shallots are wonderful. Shallots have been cultivated for thousands of years, appearing in Greek literature and history. They are probably native to Central and Southeast Asia and spread to India and eastern Mediterranean regions over time. Scientifically called Allium ascalonicum, shallots are members of the Allium plant family. The family also includes garlic, onions, and chives. Generally, shallots provide health benefits and have better nutrition profile than onions. Perhaps the best nutritional bonus of shallots is the high and diverse content of antioxidant compounds. Research studies show that allicin reduces cholesterol production, and it also found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal activities. Shallots hold proportionately more concentration of vitamins and minerals than in onions, especially Vitamin-A, pyridoxine, folates, thiamin, and Vitamin-C. Further, they are also good in minerals and electrolytes than onions; particularly iron, calcium, copper, potassium, and phosphorus.
Garlic comes with a great history. Very few foods have been appreciated for such a long time. There is evidence that garlic originally grew wild in locations as diverse as China, India, Egypt, and what is now Ukraine. What was thought of as a superstition now has the support of science, garlic is essential to healthy living. Regardless of its center of origin, however, garlic has been cultivated for thousands of years all over the world and has become a cornerstone in kitchens across many continents. China is by far the world's largest commercial producer of garlic, followed by India, South Korea, Egypt, and Russia.
Garlic is part of the Allium family of vegetables which includes onions, leeks, and chives. Garlic also shares the scope of health benefits that all of these vegetables possess. One serving of garlic, about 18 grams, contains a massive amount of nutrients for being extremely low in calories. One serving of garlic contains 13% of our recommended daily intake of manganese and vitamin B6, 7% of our vitamin C, 6% of copper, 5% of selenium, 3% of both vitamin B1 and calcium, 4% of phosphorus, and 1.2 grams of protein, along with a multitude of other necessary nutrients. All of the nutrients are only for a minute 27 calories.
The sulfur compounds in garlic are where the majority of health benefits of the vegetable are based. Alliin is present in garlic bulbs before being crushed. That alliin is converted into allicin, the main active ingredient in garlic, when crushed. This unstable compound quickly breaks down into sulfur-based compounds that give garlic its undeniable health benefits and unique taste. These new compounds have been proven to boost the white blood cells’ immune response to viruses that cause common colds and influenza.
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