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Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is an FDA, GHP, HACCP and Halal accredited food manufacturer.

Spunky Food Co Ltd is a private company limited registered and incorporated in the Kingdom of Thailand and the owner of several trademarks (e.g. ACHARA, chivi, SPUNKYFOOD, Em-o-Cha) registered in major economic jurisdictions such as China, US, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, EU etc.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

All products are completely processed and produced by Spunky food Co Ltd., which is an FDA, GHP, HACCP and Halal accredited food manufacturer. Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is member of the Association of Thai Industries and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). Spunky Food Co. Ltd has developed the following Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines and conducts its entire business, product development, marketing, sales and customer relationships based on the values below.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a phrase. We are putting it at the heart of our daily operations and structure. 

We’re building CSR from inside out and our CSR concept is directly reflected in the fundamental principles of the company.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility concept can be simply summarized as an understanding of responsibility in Product, People, Environment and Charity. We aim to take care of our company, colleagues, customers and our environment.


We envision the food manufacturing businesses as a force for good. Consumers demand products that are not only healthier but all manufacturing processes must also consider a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable process. Using better packaging, improved production processes with less pollution and waste create new opportunities for companies that strive to be more sustainable.

All products:

  • must be safe all the time and display accurate information;
  • should generally support a good health and diet;
  • should be produced in a way that reduces our consumption of scarce resources.


People are the core of every operation and we understand that we carry responsibility for our employees. They don’t just work for our company, but they are also the consumers of other products and we want to see our people as the ambassadors of our brands. In this respect, the cornerstones for our corporate culture are fair treatment and remuneration, support and development for each individual, and engaging with people on equal terms. All staff and management at Spunky Food Co., Ltd. are completely committed to a positive engagement in social and environmental responsibility. We maintain our responsibility to customers and society, and we expect the same mindset from every single person on board.


We foster environmental engagement, knowledge sharing among colleagues and best practices in our industry in order to minimize the impact on our environment.  Our collective action is needed to achieve the set of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals cover a wide-ranging set of ambitions to protect planet earth, and safeguard our world for future generations. The 17 SDGs, which include for example “food waste” and “water consumption”, systematically translate major challenges into objectives. In particular, Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is focusing on waste reduction through optimized production processes and efficient use of water resources. Our priority is not only a sustainable production, but also a substantial reduction of waste through prevention, reduction and recycling.


In light of the responsibility that we carry towards planet earth and next generations, we strive to do our best for the communities. Therefore, we want to create an excellent and positive relationship with all stakeholders. We have an ongoing relationship with numerous schools in the Greater Bangkok Area that involves donations, volunteering and sponsoring events. We further support the charities “The Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (Children Hospital)” and the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”. We treat our people like family members. In doing so, we support our employees with learning programs and employees’ children with several scholarships.

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