Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained increasing importance over the past few years, and for Spunky Food Co. Ltd, it’s more than just a catchphrase. We have established CSR guidelines directing every aspect of our business, encompassing product development, marketing, sales, and customer relations.

Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have identified the six most significant areas for us and our stakeholders. Incorporating essential environmental protection measures and promoting gender equality, sustainable economic growth, innovation, and partnerships are crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This entails minimizing environmental risks, reducing inequalities, and fostering industry innovation. Additionally, we believe that social responsibility encompasses ethical labor practices, as well as promoting responsible consumption and production.

Our CSR concept is directly reflected in the company’s fundamental principles, and we are committed to putting it at the heart of our daily operations. Implementing sustainable practices reduces waste and energy consumption, which reduces costs and improves efficiency. Furthermore, consistently demonstrating ethical and sustainable practices, rooted in top-down governance, fosters positive relationships with all stakeholders, earning their trust and loyalty. At Spunky Food Co. Ltd, we are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by using better packaging (recycled paper) and improving our production processes with less pollution (using eco-friendly ink for printing). We also source ingredients from local and environmentally friendly suppliers to reduce our environmental impact and support local communities. We firmly believe that education constitutes the bedrock of a sustainable future. Hence, we are dedicated to educating our employees and other stakeholders on the paramount importance of sustainability. We encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices as well in their personal lives. We are honored to have been awarded the Green Industry Standard certification by the Ministry of Industries’ Green Industry Program. This acknowledges companies that have implemented sustainable practices and reduced their environmental impact. This program centers on adopting eco-friendly practices, such as conserving water and energy, minimizing waste and emissions.

We like to do things the right way

We don’t use animal fats in our production line. Our options include palm oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil. Of the three, palm oil and rice bran oil are the most efficient. Rice bran oil strains resources least, and it also has excellent cooking properties. Rice Bran Oil is the primary ingredient for our products. If we use palm oil, we will choose the most ethical and sustainable palm oil possible, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This means it follows the highest agriculture standards, is fully traceable, and is grown on designated land that will not cause further deforestation.


We persistently invest in state-of-the-art production lines, aiming to optimize energy usage for more sustainable production. As part of our commitment to minimize electricity consumption by 50%, we are exploring highly efficient solar panels. Solar panels are cost-effective ways to generate power. They can help reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Further, it includes initiatives like reducing electricity consumption through compressed air system optimization. This is achieved through ultra-high-energy-efficient compressors with heat recovery.


People are the core of every operation, and we understand that we are responsible for our employees. They don’t just work for our company, but they are also consumers of other products. We view our people as ambassadors for our brands. In this respect, the cornerstones of our corporate culture are fair treatment and remuneration. They are also support and development for individuals, and engaging with people on equal terms. Spunky Food Co., Ltd. staff and management are completely committed to social and environmental responsibility. We maintain our responsibility to customers and society, and we expect the same mindset from everyone on board.


In light of the responsibility we carry towards planet earth and the next generations, we strive to do our part for the communities. Therefore, we want to create an excellent and positive relationship with all stakeholders. We have an ongoing relationship with numerous schools in the Greater Bangkok Area that involves donations, volunteering and sponsoring events. We further support the charities “The Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (Children’s Hospital)” and the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”. Furthermore, we treat our people like family members. In doing so, we support our employees and their children with learning programs through scholarships.

Sourcing Locally

We are proud to source our ingredients throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. To mention a few, our shallots and chilis come from Si Sa Ket which is famous for the outstanding product quality that is determined by excellent soil and climatic conditions. Our Jasmine rice comes from a selected group of farmers in the Sukhothai province, which has a unique fragrance and softness – long grain, curled-up tips, and a clear, glossy exterior. We carefully select our coconut chips from Amphawa district in Samut Songkhram, Central Thailand. This province is often regarded as one of the best regions for coconut fruits with its unique sweet taste and aroma. The natural sweetness of these famous coconuts is unmatched and guarantees a perfect snack.