About Us

About Us

Meet our highly skilled team! The cornerstone of every company is a committed team with passion and drive to propel brands & products to the next level. We are foodie scientists, quality controller, accountants, graphic designers, inventory specialists, and dedicated people in the production line. We produce for supermarkets as well as major convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Jiffy, Big C, Mini Big C, Lotus’s and Villa Market. Beside our growing range of brands / products, we also do private label manufacturing (OEM) for Australian, Thai, and US businesses. Backed by a fantastic team, Spunky Food’s mission is to provide the best possible service to our business partners in Thailand and abroad, as well as simply the best products to all consumers in Thailand and across the globe.

Empowering Female Leadership

The entire management and leading employees are women, and 90% of our employees are women. We are committed to continuously invest in the development of our people, and in upholding a positive work environment that is driven by delivering excellence, fairness and a focus to empower female employees. SMEs like us are the backbone of every society. We believe that working with local manufacturers, SMEs and particularly with female business owners can strengthen their operations and our communities. We consider respect, empathy, integrity, fairness, and responsibility as absolutely essential for our corporate purpose.

The driving force behind a fantastic team, our brands and uncompromised commitment to product development is Ladawan Lehmann. Ladawan spend many years abroad and passion for food is running through her veins. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking and food has been a fundamental part of my family’s business, who migrated from Hong Kong in the 1930s. Passion for food is deeply rooted in my cultural heritage, as well as my commitment to source ingredients locally and sustainably. A growing consumer base and particularly younger customers demand high quality food & snacks produced in an ethical and sustainable way. As a mother to a young child myself, I’m sharing my passion for a sustainable lifestyle reflected in every product that we produce – guaranteed!” Ladawan Lehmann, Co-founder and Managing Director

Operation and Certifications

We are committed to continuously invest in the development of our people, and in upholding a positive work environment that is driven by delivering excellence, fairness and a focus on sustainability. All products are processed and packed with the strictest regime to ensure the highest quality. We comply with international food manufacturing standards and are certified according to GHP, HACCP, Halal and Thai FDA. In addition, our manufacturing place is a registered food facility with the USFDA. Furthermore, we are also a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). We have successfully obtained the Green Industry Certificate from the Ministry of Industry (MIND).

We like to do things the right way

We don’t use animal fats in our production line. Our options are currently palm oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil. Of the three, palm oil and rice bran oil are actually the most efficient to produce. Using rice bran oil puts the least strain on resources, and it also carries excellent cooking properties. Rice Bran Oil is used for the majority of our products. In case we use palm oil, we will use the most ethical and sustainable palm oil possible, certified by the RSPO. This means it follows the highest agriculture standards, it is fully traceable, and grown on designated land that will not cause any further deforestation.

Vision / Mission / Values

Our vision is to become a leading food & beverage manufacturer with a clear purpose through our business and brands – to create delicious products in the most sustainable way. It is our mission to produce safe and premium quality products that reflect our culinary Thai heritage to delight consumers every day and around the globe. Our values are the compass that guides everything we do. We aim to reduce our environmental impact of products, packaging or processes. Our employees are our assets, and we treat business partners the way we want to be treated. We act responsibly on all aspects of our business. Respect, integrity, fairness, and responsibility are absolutely essential for our corporate business. We never sacrifice long-term goals for short-term success.


For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a phrase. Social responsibility includes environmental preservation efforts, ethical labor practices, philanthropy, and promoting volunteering. We are putting it at the heart of our daily operations and structure, and it is directly reflected in the fundamental principles of the company. Furthermore, we regularly donate and distribute food items and other necessities to community members in need, particularly schools and educational institutions. In addition, we envision the food manufacturing businesses as a force for good. All manufacturing processes must also consider a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable process in strict compliance with ethical labor practices and relevant legal requirements. Using better packaging (recycled paper), improved production processes with less pollution (using eco-friendly ink for printing) and significantly reduced waste reduces our ecological footprint. It also creates new opportunities for companies that strive to be more sustainable. Let’s create a greener, fairer, safer and healthier world of food.