About Us

Empowering Female Leadership

Our passionate team propels our brands & products to the next level. We are foodies, quality controllers, accountants, graphic designers, inventory specialists, and dedicated people on the production line. Our leadership and management teams are predominantly female, and nearly 95% of our employees are women. We are committed to investing in our people’s development. Providing a supportive environment that encourages growth is one of our top priorities. Our team is the backbone of our success. We are dedicated to upholding a positive work environment based on excellence, fairness, and a focus on empowering women employees. Furthermore, we believe that collaborating with local manufacturers, SMEs, and female entrepreneurs benefits their operations and our communities.


Vision / Mission / Values

We passionately create food products for one single purpose – putting our customers and their satisfaction at the heart of everything we produce. Our VISION is to become a leading Asian food manufacturer with a clear purpose through our business and brands. With a focus on safety and premium quality, our MISSION is to create products inspired by our culinary Asian heritage. We aim to produce nutritious, delicious, and affordable products sustainably. Our goal is to delight consumers daily throughout Thailand and beyond. Our core VALUES serve as our guiding compass, influencing every aspect of our business. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products, packaging, or processes. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we treat our business partners the way we want to be treated. Our values of respect, empathy, integrity, and fairness steer our corporate purpose, guiding our actions. Additionally, our aim extends to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting local farmers in our production process. We never compromise our long-term vision for short-term gains.

Operation and Certifications

Our commitment is to continuously invest in our people’s development and to uphold a healthy work environment that focuses on fairness, excellence, and sustainability. All products are processed and packed according to the strictest regime. We comply with international food manufacturing standards and are certified for GHP, HACCP, Halal and Thai FDA. In addition, our manufacturing facility is a registered food facility with the USFDA. We are also a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). Furthermore, we have successfully obtained a Green Industry Certificate from the Ministry of Industry (MIND).

BRC Global Standard and ISO 14001

We have recently started our BRC Global Standard certification process with the goal of obtaining this highly relevant certificate in 2024. BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a globally recognized food safety and quality management system. It’s crucial for food manufacturers as it ensures compliance with industry standards, enhances food safety, and facilitates access to international markets. In addition, we initiated the implementation of environmental management according to ISO 14001 in 2024, with the goal of obtaining this highly valuable certification by 2025. It is a globally acknowledged environmental management system ensures the ongoing implementation of vital environmental protection measures, improving resource utilization and reducing its impact within the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly significant, and for Spunky Food Co. Ltd., it extends beyond a slogan. CSR guidelines provide guidance for all aspects of our business. We have taken steps to reduce our environmental impact, create a responsible workplace, and support communities in need. CSR is an integral part of our company’s fundamental principles and is central to everything we do.

OEM / Private Label Manufacturing

We are delighted to offer our OEM and private label manufacturing capacity to businesses eager to broaden their product lines or improve existing ones. With our extensive background and experience in food production, we are equipped to transform your vision into a successful product. We cater to businesses in Australia, Thailand, and the US with our private label manufacturing services. Our private label manufacturing services include everything from recipe development and product formulation to packaging and shipping. Are you ready to elevate your brand? Contact us today and discover how we can support your project.


Join Our Team: Exciting Career Opportunities at Spunky Food Co., Ltd.!
We are seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our team in various roles, including R&D, inventory management, accounting, production, and Quality Control. Come work for a growing food manufacturer and contribute to creating high-quality food products for our customers. We have job openings for several positions, including Head of Production, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Packing, and Production Line. Apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Well, we’ve got answers. Check out our reply to some of the frequently asked questions we receive. View all questions in our FAQ section. Please contact us if you have a question that is not addressed in our FAQ section. 

Spunky Food Co., Ltd. was set up by a group of spirited, plucky, and determined women to use food manufacturing as a force for good. 90% of our employees are women, including management and leading employees. We work hard for our customers and business partners. We are committed to continuously investing in our people’s development. Furthermore, we also uphold a positive work environment driven by excellence, fairness, and a focus on empowering female employees.

Thank you for your interest in our products! Please send an email to sales@spunkyfood.com if you have any questions related to wholesale and distribution.

Want to take your brand to the next level? Consider private label manufacturing! With cost savings, flexibility, speed to market, and the ability to build your own brand, private label manufacturing is a smart choice for any business looking to grow. Plus, it allows you to focus on your core competencies while ensuring quality control. We advise you on every aspect of your product journey. Our fast OEM ONE-STOP-SERVICE includes product development, recipe development, packaging design, food certifications & authority approvals (GHP, HACCP, Halal, FDA Number, Nutrition Table), and sample production. We produce private labels for Australian, Thai, and US businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding OEM service.

We have a growing range of products suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians across all brands. Through our brands we can offer vegetarian products, and they are clearly marked on the packaging as suitable for vegetarians.