July 2024

New Production Site

Spunky Food Co. Ltd. is relocating its head office, production, and operations to a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in July 2024. Thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation in food manufacturing, we have experienced substantial growth. The new 2500 sqm production site in Pathum Thani (Northern Bangkok) features advanced technological upgrades and a larger footprint, enhancing our manufacturing capabilities. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and automation systems, the facility is designed to streamline production processes and improve efficiency. Additionally, we aim to expand our certifications to include BRCGS, BSCI, and ISO 14001, complementing our existing GMP, HACCP, and Halal certifications. This expanded facility positions us for sustained growth, allowing us to explore new markets and exceed customer expectations with high-quality, sustainable food products.

June 2024

Thaifex Anuga Asia 2024

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s THAIFEX unforgettable! It was spectacular. From the amazing exhibitors to the incredible attendees. It was a pleasure connecting with industry leaders, innovative minds, and fellow food enthusiasts. Huge shout-out to everyone who made it unforgettable, – from the tasty treats to the inspiring conversations, you all rocked! A special thanks to the entire team for their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the event.

Stay curious and stay hungry until we meet again in 2025!

May 2024

Thaifex Anuga Asia, Hall 11 (Fine Food) - Booth RR35

Join us at Thaifex Anuga Asia in Bangkok (28 May – 1 June 2024). The ultimate destination for food and beverage professionals in Southeast Asia is just around the corner. It is considered one of the most significant events of its kind in the region. Attending Thaifex – Anuga Asia provides numerous benefits for food and beverage professionals. It offers a unique platform to showcase products, connect with industry experts, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the market.

Discover our ready-to-eat Mango Furikake, Wasabi Furikake, Nori Komi Furikake, Chili Furikake, Yuzu Furikake, Chili Toppings, Tempeh Toppings, Textured Soy Protein, Thai Boat Noodles, Chili Crisp, Instant Khao Soi Noodles, Rice Vermicelli, and more!

Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth in Hall 11 – RR35, where we’ll be showcasing our diverse range of products.


April 2024


Our Thai Chili Crisp is a delightful blend of fried chili peppers and other aromatic ingredients, harmoniously combined with one of the healthiest oils available: Rice Bran Oil. Originating from Chinese cuisine, chili crisp sauces made with infused oil have a rich history spanning centuries, with each region offering its unique style. Our approach is refreshingly simple, relying on a select few ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Shallots, Garlic, Chili Powder, White Sesame Seeds, MSG, Salt, and Sesame Oil. The result? A mild yet incredibly pleasant spiciness that transforms this condiment into a culinary gem. Whether drizzled over rice, noodles, dumplings, or used to elevate sandwiches, pizzas, or soups, our Thai Chili Crisp adds a burst of flavor to just about anything in your kitchen. Plus, the inclusion of Rice Bran Oil provides heart-healthy fats and antioxidants, making it a smart choice for health-conscious foodies.

March 2024

new products & packaging = new photos

The air hummed with the quiet efficiency of the photographer and stylist. The studio buzzed with energy as the team prepped for the photo shoot. In the center of the room was an extensive wooden table laden with food, kitchenware, and equipment. Across from the Khao Soi noodles, a condiment duo awaited its close-up. A glass jar housed the star of the show: Chili Crisp. Its fiery red oil peeked through, hinting at the symphony of flavors within – toasted chilies, fragrant garlic, and a touch of sesame. Beside it, a bottle of Wasabi Furikake displayed its vibrant green hue, flecked with seaweed, sesame seeds, and the promise of a delicate wasabi kick. The team’s goal was to capture the essence of the products, highlighting the rich warmth of the Khao Soi, the fiery intrigue of the Chili Crisp, and the playful contrast of the five flavors of Furikake seasoning.

February 2024


Over the past four years, our business has experienced remarkable growth, consistently expanding at an impressive rate of 100% year-on-year growth. This is underscored by our continually diversifying product range, which has broadened to meet evolving consumer demands. Notably, our presence in the domestic market has surged, with prominent partnerships like 7-11 catapulting us to the next level of expansion. Additionally, one of the top priorities at our next factory is the globally recognized BRC certification, reflecting our commitment to global expansion and establishing fruitful relationships with OEM partners as well as Private Label customers. We look forward to the next chapter of sustainable growth at our new production site.

January 2024

Gateway to the Middle East

We’re thrilled to kick off 2024 with our first shipment to Oman! While Oman isn’t a typical gateway, it presents a unique strategic advantage for penetrating the Middle Eastern market. We look forward to a successful launch in the region. This shipment underscores our commitment to serving delicious, Halal-certified Thai cuisine. As the Islamic population in the region grows, Halal food demand is also increasing. Thai shallots, chili toppings, and even vegetarian products are becoming increasingly popular. We look forward to building a robust customer base and laying the groundwork for a presence in Oman. This will serve as a cornerstone for our regional expansion.

December 2023

Masterchef Ms. Nan Htike Ooa is cooking for us

You’re not seeing Masterchef participants every day. A business partner visited us yesterday and brought Ms. Nan Htike Ooa, a very talented contestant from Masterchef Myanmar, to our factory. She prepared the most delicious Burmese inspired dishes for us, which were quite different from anything else we have tasted before. Burmese cuisine offers fantastic flavors many have never heard of. We feel so privileged to taste this extraordinary flavor combination. Thank you for our private Masterchef show. It was such a pleasure and honor for us.

November 2023

A New and Exciting Thai Chili Topping at 7-11 Thailand

Crispy Salmon with Chili and Garlic is a delicious and versatile ready-to-eat topping available exclusively at 7-11 Thailand (all stores). It is made with crispy salmon, red chili peppers, garlic, and other Thai spices, giving it a distinct flavor that is both spicy and savory. It is the perfect way to add exciting toppings to your meal — ideal for rice, vegetables, meat, pasta, eggs, sandwiches and more. No matter how you use it, this multipurpose and delightful topping will add an extra kick to your meals. Crispy Salmon Topping with Chili and Garlic is a ready-to-eat topping developed in collaboration with 7-11 Thailand and is now available exclusively at all 7-11 Thailand stores (nearly 14000)!

September 2023

Australian Alumni Association Award 2023

It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the Australian Alumni Association Awards 2023. This fantastic event recognizes outstanding individuals who foster friendship between Thailand and Australia. Our booth was the perfect place to meet old friends and new ones, all in the spirit of Thai-Australian friendship. The night was absolutely amazing as we acknowledged exceptional individuals for their achievements. Their accomplishments were truly inspiring. Meeting HE Dr. Angela MacDonald, the Australian Ambassador to Thailand, was certainly another highlight of the event. We’re incredibly thankful to AAA President Khun M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon and the entire Australian Alumni Association (AAA) for giving us the opportunity to showcase our products at the AAA Awards 2023. We can’t wait for the next event that strengthens our two nations.

August 2023

Thailand's Chinese Vegetarian Season is just around the corner

As the Chinese Vegetarian Season approaches, we’re ramping up our production for this very special event in October 2023. Join us on this culinary journey that celebrates tradition and innovation. Dive into the bold and invigorating taste of our Textured Soy Protein with Tom Yum and Red Curry flavor. Both products will be available at 7-Eleven nationwide in Thailand. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks, as we proudly present our textured soy protein creations soon. The Vegetarian Festival, also known as “Tesagan Gin Je,” is a vibrant and culturally significant event celebrated annually in Thailand. This religious festival spans nine days in October and is filled with unique traditions, colorful processions, and strict vegetarian diets. The festival showcases Thailand’s cultural diversity and offers a glimpse into its participants’ spiritual beliefs and practices.

July 2023

CPAll (7-Eleven), Influencer Trend Event, Bangkok

On July 8th, CP All Thailand (7-Eleven) organized an event inviting 300 social media influencers to collaborate with rising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand. We were absolutely delighted that we were one of the nine selected SMEs by CP All for this significant event. We would like to express our sincere gratitude. Being chosen by such a prestigious entity validates our commitment, work, dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value to both CP All and its customers. This opportunity was a significant milestone for us, and we were excited to join. The purpose of the event was to gain exposure, increase brand awareness, and leverage influencer power to target audiences in the age of short videos and the ever-changing environment of social media. This event also served as a platform to share the latest developments in the FMCG industry, along with training opportunities for all participants.

June 2023

Hotelier Indonesia Magazine, Indonesia

Being featured in one of Indonesia’s most esteemed hospitality magazines is an honor and a delightful experience. We deeply appreciate the coverage of our journey, including our presence at Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023 in Bangkok.

You can read the complete article here:

Remark: The copyrights and intellectual property rights of the article and entire material belong to Hotelier Indonesia Magazine.

June 2023

Business Weekly Magazine, Taiwan

We had a fantastic experience being interviewed by Business Weekly Magazine (Taiwan) during Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023. It was a pleasure to discuss our company’s products and vision with their insightful team. The interview allowed us to showcase our offerings and highlight our unique value proposition to a wider audience. We truly enjoyed the engaging conversation and the opportunity to share our story with their readers. We are grateful to Business Weekly Magazine for the platform they provided, and many thanks to 游羽棠 Yutang You.

泰國社會體制保守,商機多由既有富商巨賈掌握,例如,卜蜂集團就一手掌握食品、通路、電信、金融等領域,中小企業很難出頭。但,正有一家小新創利用大趨勢圓自己的夢。走進泰國的7-Eleven、Big C,你都能買到Spunky Food出品的植物肉零食,這是一名老師想透過創業,讓女性出頭。
Spunky Food創辦人萊曼(Ladawan Lehmann)的母親是華人移民,經營小吃店養活一家人,甚至供她出國念書、從事資優教育工作。然而,她旅居各地時發現,歐美販售的泰式食物很少,這讓她毅然搬回泰國,想把從小吃到大的好味道賣到全球。原先是為了方便,以小包裝販賣,疫情卻幫了她一把,小包裝能保障衛生,銷售大好,讓公司站穩腳步。接著,她發現植物肉風潮正興起,「我們目前有40%產品是以發酵黃豆製作,成本降低了,出口不必檢疫,更容易拓展。」站對利基市場,讓它的營收在疫情間持續成長,目前約3,000萬泰銖(約合新台幣2,650萬元)。這也讓她有能力實現理想。她的公司超過9成員工是女性,在泰國,許多女性只能當清潔工或是家庭主婦,「當我出門談生意,許多人只認為我是女性,而非領導者,所以為女性創造更多機會是重要的。」她並歡迎跨性別者、單親媽媽等處境艱難者加入公司,「我相信每個人的天賦就像花,會各自在不同的時刻綻放。

Remark: The copyrights and intellectual property rights of the article and entire material belong to Business Weekly Magazine.

May 2023

Thaifex Anuga Asia, Bangkok

Spunky Food Co Ltd had an exceptional experience at the highly anticipated Thaifex Anuga Asia exhibition. Our booth became a vibrant hub of energy and excitement. We engaged in meaningful conversations with a diverse array of buyers and distributors hailing from all corners of the world. It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiastic response and genuine interest shown in our product lineup. Our product lineup encompasses the tantalizing flavors of our plant-based Tempeh toppings, the convenience, and deliciousness of more than 20 Crispy Chili Toppings, the savoriness of Boat Noodle Meal Kits, and the irresistible flavors of our Vegan Meal Kits. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors who explored our booth at the Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023 exhibition. We deeply appreciate the valuable exchange of opinions, insights, and meaningful conversations. Feedback and enthusiasm fuel our drive to continuously innovate and provide exceptional culinary experiences. Thank you for being a part of our journey and your unwavering support. We look forward to serving you with even more exciting offerings in the future.

May 2023

Our Tempeh Topping has been selected

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our Tempeh Topping Series has been selected to be featured as part of the Future of Food Experience. (Hall 5-A01). We are creating changeable, delicious and sustainable food options for the future.

Tempeh is delicious, nutritious, and one of the most sustainable foods available on the planet – a superb piece of mother nature packed with micro nutrients. It has a crisp & firm texture, and every bite is slightly nutty and rich in flavor. Our ready-to-eat Tempeh topping is crunchy, crispy and carries delicious flavors, and Kids love the Japanese Curry flavor – they will make this ready-to-eat topping their favorite. Sprinkle it over salads, soups, rice bowls, or noodles to add crunchy texture and flavor. Available in four flavors!

Visit us at Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023, 23-27 May in Bangkok, Hall 11 – SS63

May 2023

New Product Launch

Launching an innovative product after all the dedication and work put in by a fantastic team is always an exciting moment. We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest ready-to-eat topping, Stir-fried Catfish with Curry! This mouthwatering topping will be available in 7-Eleven stores all over Thailand in just a few days. Our stir-fried Catfish with Curry is convenient to eat straight out of the package, making it a convenient option for busy customers. Don’t miss out on the chance to try our newest addition to the ready-to-eat lineup, available soon at 7-Eleven stores across Thailand.

Visit us at Thaifex Anuga Asia 2023, 23-27 May in Bangkok, Hall 11 – SS63

23 - 27 May 2023

Thaifex Anuga Asia in Bangkok

Thaifex – Anuga Asia is an international trade fair for food and beverages in Southeast Asia. This is a huge opportunity for us, and we want to present our product range to participants and visitors. It is considered to be one of the most important events of its kind in the region and attracts a large number of exhibitors and visitors from around the world.


Plant-Based Furikake, Vegan Crispy Chili Toppings, Non-Vegan Chili Toppings, Vegan Thai Noodle Meal Kits, Coconut Snacks, Rice Cracker, and more!

We look forward to seeing you at our booth in Hall 11 – SS63.

October 2022

New Business Development Support Services

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) has implemented a project to promote entrepreneurs through the Business Development Service for 2022 with the clear objective of supporting SMEs with New Business Development support services. OSMEP will subsidize development costs for SMEs to receive services and developments linked to R&D, quality improvement, higher productivity or business efficiency. We are excited to be selected and happy to receive our grant from OSMEP.

September 2022

Thai Trade Expo in Hyderabad

The Thai Trade Center, Chennai, launched “Thai Trade Expo 2022” in Hyderabad on 2nd September. This was to build and develop trading connectivity between major cities such as Hyderabad and Thai trading partners. The event is also in line with the MOU signed between the Government of Telangana and the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. This was done early this year. This was to create channels for increasing bi-lateral trade between India and Thailand. The event will focus on online business matching between Thai companies and the Hyderabad business community along with the display of various Thai products from 2nd – 4th September 2022 at Sarath City Capital Mall, Kondapur. We were selected by DITP with our vegan series of Thai Noddle Sets (ACHARA brand) for this event. Many thanks to DITP and all the organizers.

August 2022

Phnom Penh, Cambodia FOOD PLUS EXPO

We would like to thank all our importers, distributors, and visitors for visiting our booth at this year’s FOOD PLUS EXPO 2022 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and hospitality at our stall. The exhibition was an absolute success for us and gave us the opportunity to showcase our brands and products. Please contact us with any questions or feedback following the exhibition. We would like to extend our gratitude to the National Food Institute, Thailand for selecting us to join this event and making it successful.

August 2022

TONKLA to Goal

On August 3, the New Economy Academy (NEA) organized a TONKLA to Goal project, with many participants, visitors, and buyers from a wide variety of industries. This was an excellent initiative to boost SMEs abroad. It makes a difference for many companies to receive support and advice on a professional level. Many thanks to the organizers, participants, and mentors.

June 2022


Government support is vital for small and medium-sized businesses. Fortunately, the Thai government and the relevant authorities create promotional packages and programs that SMEs can truly benefit from. We received a grant from The Office of SMEs Promotion to gain access to existing business development support services relevant to SMEs. That means for our research project, 80% of our (R&D) expenses will be covered.

June 2022


Being included in one of the DITP highlights in 2022 was an honor. As a selected business, we joined an exclusive group of companies attending a fantastic workshop in Kanchanaburi, organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). This workshop was specifically designed for SMEs, covering essential topics such as business management, trade and international marketing. One of the workshop highlights was the focus on product development, emphasizing innovation and competitiveness. Excellent organization, highly motivated speakers and a number of selected businesses where literally everyone could benefit from each other. Again, thank you DITP for choosing our business and the organization of this high-profile event “Building Thai SMEs to the Global Trade Forum (Tonkla To Goal) Year 2022”. We look forward to the next DITP event!

September 2021

China Fair

Our first experience was in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Together with our local partner, we attended two exhibitions. Visiting fairs, both as an exhibitor and guest, is vital and really helpful for networking. However, it is mostly to see customers and listen to their feedback. A valuable experience and we will continue our China commitment in the coming months.

June 2021

Donation at Thammasat Hospital

Over the last two years we have been a constant supporter of our leading hospital in Phatum Thani. Thammasat Hospital has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 from the beginning. We thank our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all healthcare workers for their efforts, commitment, and sacrifices in the fight against Covid-19.

December 2020

Mimosa Show 2021 Bangkok

Promoting healthy and nutritious food is close to our hearts. The Mimosa 2021 event has toured through Thailand, and we joined this event as a sponsor for the final show in Bangkok. A great evening, and TV News anchor Elizabeth Sadler was a fantastic host. 

TV 2020 / 2021

Nothing is more important than PR, especially for a start-up. We were fortunate to tell our story and introduce our product range on several TV shows. We would like to thank Channel 9 MCOT, WorkPoint Entertainment, and Thai Channel 8.