Thai Boat Noodles, Rice Vermicelli, Glass Noodles, Tempeh, Furikake, Coconut chips, Rice Cracker, Curries, Chili Crunch, and Vegan Toppings.

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Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is a food manufacturer located in Phatum Thani (Northern Bangkok, Thailand). Meet our highly skilled team! The cornerstone of every company is a committed team with passion and drive to propel brands & products to the next level. We are foodie scientists, quality controller, accountants, graphic designers, inventory specialists, and dedicated people in the production line. We produce for supermarkets as well as major convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Jiffy, Big C, Mini Big C, Lotus’s and Villa Market. Beside our growing range of brands / products, we also do Private Label Manufacturing for Australian, Thai, and US businesses. Backed by a fantastic team, Spunky Food’s mission is to provide the best possible service to our business partners in Thailand and abroad, as well as simply the best products to all consumers in Thailand and across the globe.


The culture of the Kingdom of Thailand is rich and reflects the vibrant diversity of South-East-Asia. Thailand made it, both, a crossroad and a destination for a wide array of cultural and culinary richness. Food should be healthy, delicious, and not overcomplicated. We refrain from added sugar or preservatives whenever possible. Furthermore, we focus on minimal processing and premium ingredients, responsibly & locally sourced. Through our four brands, we are able to offer a variety of authentic Thai food including ready-to-cook dishes, boat noodles, crispy chili toppings, heritage dishes such as Khao Soi as well as a growing portfolio of plant-based products.

ACHARA – FINE THAI FOOD offers a wide range of vegetarian & non-vegetarian products, such as Rice Vermicelli, Drunken Noodles, Boat Noodles, Khao Soi, Curries, and Condiments with a clear focus on non-GMO ingredients, no artificial additives, and no preservatives.

Plant-based products that make an incredibly positive impact on your health and planet earth. This is Chivi – Thriving On Plants! Tempeh, Furikake, Vegan Toppings, Shiitake Mushroom Paste – plant-based nutrition should be as affordable, tasty, and sustainable as possible.

เอมโอชา / Em-o-Cha, a special brand for our local Thai market. If you are looking for Thai street food chili taste, then look no further. It’s flavorful, spicy, and the best part is that vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian toppings are available. All products are Halal certified.

Under the brand Spunky Food we produce delicious toppings that represent four different regions across Thailand. The four region toppings generally carry a milder taste than our Em-o-Cha brand, which carries more typical Thai flavor and spiciness. All products are Halal certified.

We comply with international food manufacturing standards and are certified according to GHP, HACCP, Halal and Thai FDA. In addition, our manufacturing place is a registered food facility with the USFDA. We are also a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). We have successfully obtained the Green Industry Certificate from the Ministry of Industry (MIND).


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We have a growing range of products that are suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians across all brands. ACHARA, Chivi – THRIVING on Plants and Em-o-Cha have a number of vegetarian products, and they are clearly marked on the packaging as suitable for vegetarians.

Spunky Food Co., Ltd. was set up by a group of spirited, plucky, and determined women to use food manufacturing as a force for good. The entire management and leading employees are women, and 90% of our employees are women. We work spirited and determined for our customers and business partners. We are committed to continuously invest in the development of our people, and in upholding a positive work environment that is driven by delivering excellence, fairness and a focus to empower female employees.

Thank you for your interest in our products! Please send an email to if you have any questions related to wholesale and distribution.

Unlike a lot of other businesses, we run our own manufacturing facility. Every product is produced and packed in our GHP, HACCP, Thai FDA and Halal accredited food factory in Phatum Thani (Northern Bangkok). We follow stringent food safety protocols and regularly audits. In addition, our facility is registered with the USFDA.

Our products are Made in Thailand, with a strong connection to local manufacturers, farmers and their wisdom. We know our business partners and farming communities, and we support local farmers through direct procurement to ensure all ingredients can be sourced responsibly and locally in Thailand. It is absolutely essential to us that we only work with local suppliers that share the same values and goals as we do. Furthermore, we are proud to source 99% of our ingredients throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.

We like to do things the right way. We don’t use animal fats in our production line. Our options are currently palm oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil. Of the three, palm oil and rice bran oil are actually the most efficient to produce. Using rice bran oil puts the least strain on resources, and it also carries excellent cooking properties. Rice Bran Oil is used for the majority of our products. In case we use palm oil, we will use the most ethical and sustainable palm oil possible, certified by the RSPO. This means it follows the highest agriculture standards, it is fully traceable, and grown on designated land that will not cause any further deforestation.

All products are produced without Genetic Modified Organisms. Our products are certified by the local Thai authorities, and we have obtained all relevant documentation. Here at Spunky Food Co., Ltd., we choose to work with only Non-GMO ingredients.

Want to take your brand to the next level? Consider private label manufacturing! With cost savings, flexibility, speed to market, and the ability to build your own brand, private label manufacturing is a smart choice for any business looking to grow. Plus, it allows you to focus on your core competencies while ensuring quality control. We advise you in every aspect of your product journey. Our fast OEM ONE-STOP-SERVICE includes product development, recipe development, packaging design, food certifications & authority approval (GHP, HACCP, Halal, FDA Number, Nutrition Table), and sample production. We are currently producing private labels for Australian, Thai and US businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding OEM service.

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