Thailand's Chinese Vegetarian Season

October 2023 – The Vegetarian Festival, also known as “Tesagan Gin Je,” is a vibrant and culturally significant event celebrated annually in Thailand. This religious festival spans over a period of nine days and is filled with unique traditions, colorful processions, and a strict adherence to a vegetarian diet. The festival not only showcases Thailand’s cultural diversity but also offers a glimpse into the spiritual beliefs and practices of its participants. Dive into the bold and crispy taste of our Textured Soy Protein with Tom Yum and Red Curry flavor.

About Us

Spunky Food Co., Ltd. is a food manufacturer located in an industrial zone in Phatum Thani (Northern Bangkok, Thailand). We are proud to have formed partnerships with major retailers in Thailand, including 7-Eleven with almost 14,000 stores, as well as Big C, Mini Big C, Jiffy, and Villa Market. We export to Australia, China, Lao and the United States. Besides our growing range of products, we also do Private Label Manufacturing for Australian, Thai, and US businesses. We thrive to provide the best possible service to our business partners in Thailand and abroad, as well as to all consumers worldwide.

Vision / Mission / Values

We passionately create food products for one single purpose – putting our CUSTOMERS and their satisfaction at the heart of everything we produce.

Our VISION is to become a leading Asian food manufacturer with a clear purpose through our business and brands – to create delicious, healthy & affordable products in the most sustainable way.

It is our MISSION to produce safe and premium quality products that reflect our culinary Asian heritage to delight consumers every day in Thailand and beyond.

Our VALUES are the compass that guides everything we do. We aim to reduce our environmental impact of products, packaging or processes. Our employees are our assets, and we treat business partners the way we want to be treated. We consider respect, empathy, integrity, fairness, and responsibility as absolutely essential for our corporate purpose. In the process, we want to do everything we can to support responsible agriculture and domestic small farms. In addition, we never sacrifice long-term goals for short-term success.


We comply with international food manufacturing standards and all products are produced according to GHP, HACCP, Halal and Thai FDA guidelines. Our manufacturing place is a registered food facility with the US FDA. In addition, we have successfully obtained the Green Industry Certificate from the Ministry of Industry (MIND). We are also a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP).

OUR products


(Plant-Based Furikake)






(Plant-Based Toppings)


(Thai Boat Noodles)


(Textured Soy Protein)

We offer a growing range of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products including various options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians with non-spicy, mild, and spicy versions as well as Sriracha. We are specialized in Crispy Toppings and across our brands we are able to offer numerous flavors and ingredients such as lemongrass, tomato, chili, shallots, garlic, shrimp, mackerel, catfish, minnow fish, textured soy protein and chicken. Besides our Crispy Topping product range, we also offer fantastic Thai Boat Noodle Meal Kits, Vegan Thai Noodle Meal Kits, Plant-Based Toppings incl. Tempeh, Chili Crisp, and Sriracha Sauce.


Through our brands, we offer Authentic Thai Food, Plant-Based Products, Original Thai Street Food Flavors, Spicy Noodle Meal Kits, Asian inspired Seasoning and Regional Specialities that highlights the culinary heritage of the Kingdom of Thailand. Food should be healthy, delicious, and not overcomplicated. We refrain from added sugar or preservatives whenever possible. Furthermore, we focus on minimal processing and premium ingredients, responsibly & locally sourced. We do not use animal fat in our production line, and we favor rice bran oil instead of palm oil.

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